Toro Text 1

flecha izquierda
flecha derecha

Time that the trunk carves.

Wind that rocks the leave.

Sun that gives life.

Shadow that embraces the calm.

And the sun is looking for the shadow that sends him to sleep.

This guests pavilion, with reduced dimensions, carries out in a little clearing of a holm oaks state, on the outskirts of a lost village of the Extremaduran dehesa.

In the same way the neighbouring holm oaks with their thick trunks and wide branch populated with light leaves paint the dehesa with generous and fresh shadows, the great horizontal plane of this pavilion shelters it from the relentless Extremaduran sun.

The land, where the pavilion is placed slopes lightly towards the west.

The horizontal platform rises over the summer dry couch grass.

This higher horizontal plane lets one see clearly in the west orientation from of the living room, the horizon almost from the tree tops and also lets one wake up with the sun from the bedrooms.

A light metallic roof rises over this base, and places itself, delicately and powerfully, over four concrete cornerstones.

These cornerstones hold the pavilion’s wet program. The bathrooms open to introvert light court yards.

And the sun is looking for the shadow that sends him to sleep.