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Missing peak in a mountain range. The house fills the gap with its enamelled shinning presence.Give me a place in line, give me a place in line, give me a place. The clouds and the mountains are going to look over . I am going to climb to see the hills and the birds.

From the beginning there was the air and the air organized the pieces of the house.  An upward wind rushed between the submissive walls that yielded to the succession of spaces proposed by the patio

Outside and inside, they are one and not the same. The source, the idea, the song of the mermaids of the white light reflected on the back wall.

Without pretentiousness, the house of the small village waves from above and breathes with the clouds and the mountains.

A very well situated plot in a small town in Badajoz. It is a plot between party walls displaying a wide facade and an irregular shape between neighbouring properties.

One courtyard is the only light source for the inner space. The design developes the house in a three storey program.The living room is the centerpiece of the house and the common bond of all its residents. It is the place that articulates and orders the space throughout the home. This double-height ceilling centrall space opens onto an inner courtyard oriented north, and rips laterally through the dining room and library both oriented to the south.

A single space divided into two, with different lights that tighten and balance it. The north oriented vertical space provides a horizontal and homogeneous light that floods the home.

A vertical, warm and always changing light bathes the divided horizontal space. A set of opposing lights, one homogeneous in time and space, and the other, warm and variable, both tighten the common space.

The extroverted yard gives life to an introverted space.